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Full Time Working Girl and Part Time Travel Blogger.


Hi, I’m Kerry, married no children, (well if you want to class Alfie my Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise cross as my baby).  I’ve worked in an office all my working life and I’m nearly 40 now, heading towards a midlife crisis I’m sure of it.


I don’t know how it happened, working in an office full time, for someone who likes to be outdoors and to feel free, I’ve always had the travel bug you see, since I was young enough to remember, but you end up getting swept away by ‘normal’ life, having to pay bills and…. well, fund my desire to travel.

I often think that I should have done this when I was younger, be a holiday rep or take a gap year and go travelling, I definitely feel that I missed my ‘calling’ so I’m trying to make up for it now, by fitting in my desire to see as many places as I can with my ’30 days a year’ that my job kindly lets me have.

I’m always getting from people ‘ooh another holiday?’ ‘Are you ever at home?’  If it was my choice I would never be at home. I could and would quite happily live out my suitcase if it meant I could be free and travel the globe.


It would be nice to give it all up and go travelling for a while, but as most of us know, normal life just doesn’t allow especially when you have your other half who also relies on his full time job.

So I’m going to give you an insight in to my life and my travels, how I manage to see as many places as I can each year, and drive my husband crazy on the way with my desire of the wanderlust….!