Tenerife – it’s not all dark beaches!

So it happened I hit the big 40!  How else was I going to spend the day that has been bringing on my midlife crisis for some time now?  ….Of course in a hot and sunny climate!

I got such a good deal through skyscanner and booking.com, that my husband who doesn’t like parting with his hard earned cash was quite happy to pay for it as my birthday treat! £100 return flights each from Gatwick to Tenerife and £300 for the 2 of us half board for 3 nights staying at Riu Acreas in Costa Adeje.  Bargain!


Now the last time I went to Tenerife was some 22 years ago on my first holiday abroad with my girl friends and let’s just say it was an eye opening experience into adulthood!  Veronicas strip in Playa De Las Americas was a row of madness that was on the lower floor, ground floor and upper floors, which consisted of sticky floors and the smell of vomit, and you never saw anything before noon as you were still partying at 7am!

I remember Playa de Las Americas having very dark black volcanic sand and it was like mud when you went in the sea.  I never thought I would go back until now…..

The Resort

Costa Adeje – Specifically Playa Del Duque

Wow, a different side of Tenerife, this is where our hotel Riu Acreas was based, we love the Riu chain and I highly recommend them, the food is excellent and the facilities are clean and modern. This particular one is Adults only.  Even better! Playa Del Duque is not the cheapest part of the island, but it is certainly the most stylish, no Karaoke or boozed up Brits this end of the resort, just a nice chilled atmosphere, with a few cocktail bars with live entertainment (usually a singer – who was excellent may I add!)


The beach is pale!  Not dark and very picturesque.  It has the most wonderful day beds that are thick comfortable mattresses but you do have to pay at 20 euros for 2 beds and a parasol but it’s worth it in my opinion!  What I love about this beach is that there are 2 ladies that come round with their reasonable priced clothes and they do a bit of a fashion show for you, which is great for us ladies who can shop and sunbathe at the same time!


The closer you walk from Playa Del Duque to Playa De Las Americas the cost of food and drinks get cheaper and it becomes more of the resort you expect Tenerife to be, whilst Costa Adeje is not as crazy as Playa De Las Americas, it still has a lot to keep tourists entertained.  Costa Adeje is very vast and spreads out quite a lot and the 2 ends of the resort are quite different, so do your research as to what you like in a holiday before you go. You could walk the whole way into Playa De Las Americas but it would take about an hour so I would recommend you take the local bus which is really cheap at 1.50 euros each, and it has a great regular service.

We opted on our 2nd night to head into Playa De Las Americas and it has changed a lot, as you would expect in 22 years!  It now has an area called the Safari Centre, which looks great for a lively night out but without the craziness of the Veronicas strip!

I have to say we did do it, it had to be done, my mid-life crisis was calling me to go and re live my youth for one last time and see out my thirties in style….well more like in madness!


It is exactly how I remember, except everyone looks younger now (a lot younger!) and they still try and drag you in off the street to go into their particular bars! 


However we found a little Gem…..right on the end of Veronicas strip was a place called Papagayo beach club and it was an amazing way to see my Birthday in at Midnight!  Cool and sophisticated, the seating and lighting added to a really fab ambience, playing chilled out tunes until midnight under the star lit sky!  At midnight things hotted up with the DJ who was playing dance tunes from the 90’s much to my delight!!


I woke up on my Birthday feeling a little worse for wear but thoroughly enjoyed my trip back to the 90’s and would definitely do it again!  So much so, I’m planning a trip back there next year with my girl friends!

My birthday was fabulous, and spent the whole day, shopping and lazing on the beach.  The evening however was on a different level.  We had a table booked at the Restaurant Jardin based in the Royal Garden Villas resort in La Caleta, just further North down the coast from Playa Del Duque.  To say I was blown away and felt like a princess for the evening was an understatement, I have never been to such a magical restaurant in all my life…. it was something out of a fairy tale!


We walked into a very grand entrance down some steps that was lit with low lit lamps and candles, twinkly lights in every corner and over the tables themselves, it was so adorable!  The service and food was impeccable, we were given a free glass of cava on arrival and an extra starter on top of the one we ordered. 


The singer sang great songs in the background whilst we were having our meal and even sang me Happy Birthday with a free dessert which was divine! The hubby also surprised me with a bottle of Moet so that was very welcome! So all in all a fabulous evening, if you feel like a bit of extravagance go for it!

19554593_10158924880070293_6296554700464343199_nWe had a fantastic 3 night stay in Tenerife to celebrate my birthday and I highly recommend just popping somewhere hot and sunny for a long weekend, it can work out cheaper than staying at home sometimes, if you minus the extravagant meal that we had of course!!

So go on, take a long weekend and just do it!


Have you flew out abroad for just a few days?  Where did you go?  I would love to hear…….

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