So who am I…..?  


Well I’m just your average woman really, working 9 to 5 as a HR Administrator Monday to Friday.

I grew up in Birmingham, England.  I’m not going to lie.  I hated it.  Too much smog and industrial looking buildings. I longed to live by the sea and dreamt of living the dream walking along the beach every day.  In reality now I live in Bournemouth, I hardly ever walk on the beach unless it’s warm which is rare for this country.  My dog Alfie hates the rain, he literally turns his nose up at it, and to be honest I don’t blame him, I do the same.  I was definitely born to live in a hot sunny climate!


Anyhow I digress slightly…..

I met my husband who is also a ‘Brummie’ at work and we have been together 20 years this year.  ‘’How old is she I hear you ask…..?’’  I’d like to say still a ‘twenty something’ but no my BIG 40 is creeping upon me and now I’m desperate for the Adventure and the Wanderlust more than ever, before my time runs out…..!


I drive my husband crazy, I think I could write a blog on this alone.  Don’t get me wrong he loves his holidays, but is also quite happy to be at home too.  Where for me, I get ‘twitchy’ and always have to have something on the go, be somewhere or do something.  He is definitely my calming influence.

I have to say that I have travelled a lot but still not as much as I would have liked, I’ve had my fair share of nice experiences but definitely crave more….. But if you follow me, I can guarantee this list will expand and expand, as for me this is my number one priority in life!

I thought I would start a travel blog to share my passions and experiences for Travel with my friends, family and whoever else is interested really.  Diarising my experiences and picking up interesting facts and tips along the way.  I’m new to this, in fact not got a clue, I’ve had to learn about Widgets and Plugins and balance it around my full time job, but when you love something that much it’s all worth it.

So coming up what can you expect….?

Well for the rest of 2017, there will be beach holidays, in the Caribbean and Greece.  I will also be Greek Island hopping (3 islands in 1 week).

There will be city breaks, one already planned for Dubai at Christmas. There will be short weekends to European holiday destinations in Spain and The Canaries.  I shall be taking weekend breaks in the UK and Europe with Friends.  I’m also planning a European city break as a lone traveller, something that I’ve never done before.

All this whilst planning for my 2018 travels.

So who’s with me?  A forty something, holding on to her youth and trying to create some amazing memories with an eye rolling husband who keeps in firm control of his purse strings?!